Commodifying children through cartoon

Sociology Cartoons are the most frequent, popular and easily accessible source of entertainment to children. The present study on?

Commodifying children through cartoon

Research papers Tagged With: Sociology 12 pages, words Cartoons are the most frequent, popular and easily accessible source of entertainment to children. The present study on?

Commodifying Children through Cartoon: For gaining in-depth understanding of the situation several anthropological methods such as observation, informal interviews, Participatory Urban Appraisal, Focus Group Discussion, Questionnaire Survey will be carried out for this study and also Secondary data will be used to support the research study.

From this study researcher is expecting to find out that there is a relationship between cartoon endorsement and children impulse buying. The marketing Commodifying children through cartoon is integral to the economy and includes countless businesses and corporations that compete vigorously to survive and increase profits.

PM Commercial and brother and him reenacting cartoon. PM Finishes banana and sits in family room watching cartoon. Therefore they must use marketing strategies that will convince people to buy their products. Over the years, marketing strategies have developed into complicated psychologically targeted persuasive techniques for persuading, manipulating, and altering consumer perceptions.

Over the years, this focus has turned toward children. Marketers now see children as potential and ucrative consumers who can be influenced through media to desire certain products and to either buy or persuade their parents to purchase for them.

Because most of the children watch cartoon in their leisure time big corporate company are now using cartoon to sell their product. Over the last several years, child-directed advertising has grown exponentially. These increases indicate that corporations believe in their Commodifying children through cartoon strategies and therefore continue to invest in them to increase their profits.

And for good reason: Children spend on average twenty hours in front of TV in a week and see hundreds of advertisement related to child product. In effect, previous researches have shown that when children reach first grade, they have received an average of 50 new toys a year and can recognize approximately 30 name brands.

By age six, girls begin immersing themselves into popular culture, while boys already show interest in masculine commercials and violent video games. This immersion of young children into popular culture consequently has some startling effects as children begin to associate themselves with products and demand more materialistic possessions.

There are a few grounds or open space left in urban area of Bangladesh in which children can play. As a result children are spending most of their time in home watching TV especially watching cartoon related program. As the numbers of channels have increased in the recent years so as the Cartoon and advertisement related to cartoon which have allowed the companies to directly access their desired target market.

The company must try to capture the competitors market as well Marketers advertise their products through different cartoon characters and promoting different premium offers which make the children to buy these products instantly. Cartoon has become one of the main sources of their entertainment.

Accordingly, the cartoon industry is one of the most successful and bustling industries in the global market. Because cartoon has become one the main source of entertainment all around the world various company using cartoon, cartoon characters to sell their product.

Today every child is trying to emulate the characters from which they get inspired and pushing themselves to be like them in every manner. If we follow a routine of a child, we can clearly observe that a child wakes up in the morning wearing Disney character Pajamas, roll out of bed sheet having some licensed character on it, his toothbrush and everything covered in his favorite cartoon characters and even in his breakfast he eats up cake or cereal packed in some cute cartoon box.

Strapping his Ben Ten backpack he moves to school but this commercialism even does not stop in school boundaries. Parents are spending more on their children these days because they have more disposable income in their hand due to smaller family size and dual incomes.

Commodifying children through cartoon

So marketers are trying to catch the attention of children using different means like cartoon, cartoon related figure and advertisement to increase sell. Researcher will also try to show how corporate company using globalization in this case especially cartoon industry to their advantage to produce a popular culture in order to increase their product sell.

The present research proposal is contented in the following way: In 1st part, abstract, introduction, and background of the study, in 2nd part, conceptual and theoretical framework, statement of the problem, objective of the study, rationale of the study and finally research methodology, time plan are discussed.

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When the youth access newspapers, they first flip through the cartoon section (mostly political satire), then focus on sports sections.

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Rule1, Stephanie R. Logan1, and of children, teachers and parents in bullying behavior. Health Education Research, 20, Teaching primary grade students perfectionism through cartoons compared to bibliotherapy.

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