Discount movie theater business plan

Instead of going crazy and letting movie goers buy one movie ticket everydaysubscribers pay a flat fee for either one, two or three movie tickets each month. They cost double the price of the usual Sinemia subscriptions, but they give you two tickets.

Discount movie theater business plan

Say what you will about MoviePass, one thing is for sure: It seems every other month a new feature is added or in some cases, removed from the popular movie theater subscription service.

discount movie theater business plan

The latest shake-up at MoviePass involves the introduction of a family plan that will in theory make the service more user-friendly to families.

We might do something down the road to get more of a discount for the family plan.

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But if you use MoviePass with your entire family, this will make things a lot easier. Previously, if you were hoping to purchase multiple tickets for your family to attend a movie, every family member would have to order the tickets individually on their own respective phones.

This removes that obstacle and allows one subscriber to order multiple tickets. MoviePass is also rolling out a Bring-A-Friend Plan, which operates the same way, but removes that pesky familial bond element.

But at the very least, these new additions to MoviePass should make going to movies a little less frustrating for families and people who actually enjoy actual human contact weirdos. Cool Posts From Around the Web:MoviePass, a once-beloved service which allows moviegoers to see a variety of movies in the theater for just a monthly price, has recently been plagued with user problems, lawsuits and stock failings.

discount movie theater business plan

The Sinemia movie ticket subscription service has added a new round of plans that allow subscribers to bring someone to the movies with them. Could they start taking way business from MoviePass? Watch video · MoviePass, the subscription service offering unlimited monthly movie tickets, dropped its price to $/month.

Here's what you should know. A subscription is cheaper than a single movie ticket. Business.

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there are many top locations to plan a fun weekend day trip. Numerous theaters voiced a concern to Business Insider that MoviePass' next move may be to try and take a percentage of concessions made by theaters (which is the lifeblood of movie theaters).

MoviePass gives you access to new movies in theaters nationwide for a low monthly fee.

No price hike, but new caps on MoviePass discount tix plan