Fading background slideshow powerpoint

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Fading background slideshow powerpoint

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fading background slideshow powerpoint

One of the interesting but not so obvious things that you can do with an image in PowerPoint is to animate fading background slideshow powerpoint as a slide background. Prepare the Image To create the animation you need to select an image. Make the image the same height that your slide will be when viewed on the screen, but make it 25 to 30 percent wider than the slide.

Create a rectangle the same height as the slide but about 25 to 30 percent longer. The image will be placed in a rectangle so, from the Drawing Toolbar, select the Rectangle tool and drag a rectangle shape over the slide.

The Rectangle's left side should be along the left-hand edge of the slide, and it should reach the top and bottom of the slide edges. The Rectangle shape should also extend beyond the right edge of the slide.

Add your image to the rectangle shape. Click the Select Picture button, and select the image that you saved earlier. The image will appear inside your rectangle.

This fades the image in as the slide loads. Add three custom animation effects to fade in, pan and zoom in on the image. Set Start to read After Previous, and play the animation to check how it looks. You may need to adjust the overall window Zoom downward so that you can see the animation as it plays.

Set the Speed to Slow. If any of the white slide appears on the right of the screen when the motion ends, shorten it by clicking-and-dragging the red pointed end of the arrow that appears on the slide to the right.

Drag it to the left, if desired, to extend the movement of the image. Once the image moves correctly to the left, set its Speed to Slow. You can create a final movement by zooming into the image a little bit. Click the Play button to check the result.

Finishing Touches Because the rectangle is currently on top of the other elements on the slide, you need to rearrange the order of the objects before you can add text to your slide. You can now add your text to the placeholders on the slide and format the text as desired.

fading background slideshow powerpoint

If you have trouble seeing the text over the underlying image, fill the placeholder with a partially transparent fill. Drag the Transparency slider to around 30 percent so you can see the text as well as the image as it moves underneath the placeholder.

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Here are my 10 easy ways to make any PowerPoint presentation awesome. 1. Build your slides last. a consistent white background, and sometimes with my logo or my client’s logo. 4. More image, less text. Fade to black when speaking.

Your slides are not the point—you are. When you fade to black you regain your audience’s attention. To add the color to the whole presentation, click Add to theme.

Change background image You can add an image saved in Google Drive or on your computer, then apply it to one slide or the whole presentation. 2. Save the presentation. 3. Select all the slides in the Slides pane (click the first, press and hold Shift, and click the last). In PowerPoint , choose Slide Show.

Making an Image Fade to Transparent.

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Here's how to make an image fade from normal to part transparent while another image fades in. If you just use the emphasis > transparency animation the transparency "jumps" to x% with no fade effect. Feb 24,  · Setting the Scene Animations in PowerPoint are a great tool to convey messages when used carefuly with the content of your slides.

There are plenty of animation effects and options, including a Looping PowerPoint animation sequences within a slide.

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