Jane eyre as a cinderella story

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Jane eyre as a cinderella story

Chapter 22 Jane remains at Gateshead for a month because Georgiana dreads being left alone with Eliza, with whom she does not get along. Eventually, Georgiana goes to London to live with her uncle, and Eliza joins a convent in France. Jane tells us that Eliza eventually becomes the Mother Superior of her convent, while Georgiana marries a wealthy man.

At Gateshead, Jane receives a letter from Mrs. As Jane travels toward Thornfield, she anxiously anticipates seeing Rochester again, and yet she worries about what will become of her after his marriage. To her surprise, as she walks from the station at Millcote, Jane encounters Rochester.

Chapter 23 After a blissful two weeks, Jane encounters Rochester in the gardens. He invites her to walk with him, and Jane, caught off guard, accepts. Rochester confides that he has finally decided to marry Blanche Ingram and tells Jane that he knows of an available governess position in Ireland that she could take.

Jane expresses her distress at the great distance that separates Ireland from Thornfield. The two seat themselves on a bench at the foot of the chestnut tree, and Rochester says: Convinced and elated, Jane accepts his proposal.

A storm breaks, and the newly engaged couple hurries indoors through the rain. Rochester helps Jane out of her wet coat, and he seizes the opportunity to kiss her.

Jane looks up to see Mrs. That night, a bolt of lightning splits the same chestnut tree under which Rochester and Jane had been sitting that evening.

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But even after she learns the truth, Mrs. Fairfax maintains her disapproval of the marriage. Jane feels unsettled, almost fearful, when Rochester calls her by what will soon be her name, Jane Rochester. Jane explains that everything feels impossibly ideal, like a fairy-tale or a daydream.

Rochester certainly tries to turn Jane into a Cinderella-like figure: She has a premonitory feeling that the wedding will not happen, and she decides to write her uncle, John Eyre, who is in Madeira.

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Jane reasons that if John Eyre were to make her his heir, her inheritance might put her on more equal footing with Rochester, which would make her feel less uncomfortable about the marriage. Chapter 25 The night before her wedding, Jane waits for Rochester, who has left Thornfield for the evening.

She grows restless and takes a walk in the orchard, where she sees the now-split chestnut tree. When Rochester arrives, Jane tells him about strange events that have occurred in his absence. In the night, Jane had a strange dream, in which a little child cried in her arms as Jane tried to make her way toward Rochester on a long, winding road.

Rochester dismisses the dream as insignificant, but then she tells him about a second dream.

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This time, Jane loses her balance and the child falls from her knee. Chapters 22—25 After her stay at Gateshead, Jane comes to understand fully what Rochester and Thornfield mean to her.

Having been acutely reminded of the abjection and cruelty she suffered during her childhood, Jane now realizes how different her life has become, how much she has gained and how much she has grown.

Jane eyre as a cinderella story

In Rochester she has found someone she truly cares for—someone who, despite periodic shows of brusqueness, nevertheless continues to admire Jane and care for her tenderly.

Moreover, Rochester gives her a true sense of belonging, something she has always lacked.Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre as a Cinderella Story Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre can be characterized in many ways as a variation of Cinderella.

There are several versions of this popular fairy--tale. At the time Bronte’s novel was published, the Grimms’ book of tales, which included Cinderella, was very popular. COM 5 Lokke Fall Jane Eyre and Fulfilment of the Cinderella Archetype The typical Cinderella story involving a heroine who ’ s life story is both parts ‘ damsel in distress ’ and ‘ happily ever ’ after has been adapted time and time again due to it ’ s universality to audiences of all ages.

Jane Eyre's hidden story, this is not, as most of the events in this book are pretty ludicrous and unrealistic and it's highly unlikely this is what happened behind the scenes. Adele says it rightly at one point in the novel when she remarks that Jane is the one who sees things clearly.

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, can be likened to a fairy tale, as certain elements of the master plot of the story, as it contains certain aspects of traditional fairy tale stories, such as Briar Rose and Cinderella. Home» Is jane eyre a love story essay» Is jane eyre a love story essay. Is jane eyre a love story essay.

Is jane eyre a love story essay. November 25, Views 0. Is jane eyre a love story essay. 5 stars based on reviews skybox2008.com Essay. Donna dixon doctoral dissertation. Jul 14,  · Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre” is a Cinderella story with Gothic flourishes, but that alone doesn’t account for its lasting appeal.

The musical version now playing at Taproot Theatre breathlessly encapsulates the major incidents in Brontë’s remarkable novel, which interweaves incisive observations on child abuse, class, morality and women’s status in 19th-century society.

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