Summary and continuation of the story

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Summary and continuation of the story

A Short Summary on the History of Christianity Question from a Site Viewer Would you be able to suggest any text book, author, or writings that would give me detailed information about the history of Christianity? Much of what I have found on these subjects is specifically bent towards one bias or another.

I lean very much towards the Protestant view in terms of doctrine.

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I have heard much of Waldenses and Albigenses and other groups that appear to have moved farther north and west of the rule of the Catholic church during the early days.

I hope this makes some sense to you. The best information is to read the original sources. The early church fathers are available on the web or can be found through your local library.

You may not want to tackle all of them at once, as there are 10 volumes of very small print. But you can find the earliest of them in the Apostolic Fathers.

This is a much smaller amount of material. Nevertheless, there are some more recent books on the history of Christianity that do not have such a strong Roman Catholic slant. As to your question about the Roman Catholic Church existing since the time of Jesus and the Protestant Church only arising in the sixteenth century, do not believe such propaganda.

It simply is not true.

Summary and continuation of the story

In the early church, until the time of Augustine, there was basically one church, which was universal, which was not centered in Rome. When the Roman bishops began to claim supremacy about the middle of the first millenium, the rest of the church did not agree. The church in Egypt, the Coptic Church, is more ancient than the Roman church and it has never been part of the Roman church.

The Nestorian Church the Eastern Church now found primarily in Syria and Jordan has a history that is much older than the Roman church. The Orthodox Church also has origins that predate the Roman Church.

There are many Christian groups that existed before the Roman church and continue to this day.


The Roman church, with a strong bishop who claimed supremacy, was a late edition to Christianity, in the time-table of the church. The so-called protestant church actually is the continuation of a long line of godly people. The Protestant Reformation was influenced by John Huss who was greatly influenced by Wycliffe who in turn was greatly influenced by a monastary that stems from the work done by Saint Patrick who hardly could be called Roman Catholic.

In fact, Wycliffe was so far from being Roman Catholic that the Roman church ultimately dug up his bones and burned them.

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The great Gregorys of theology were never part of the Roman church. Jerome, who translated the Latin Vulgate, the Bible used by the Roman church for a years, was in sharp disagreement with Augustine. The true church of Christ never was dependent on a monolithic organization.

As with the Jews, His people have always survived in a remnant and have never depended upon institutions for their authenticity.Aug 23,  · It would be great if it could be noted in the description if it's a summary movie or a continuation or an original story/non-cannon story (when possible).

BBCode Top. Summary. Continuation of my story ‘Innocence’ but taken place before my story ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’.

As for shelter for their first Winter, they have decided to stay in Kija’s village. In the end of Winter where snow hasn’t melted and the weather still feels chilling, Yona and Hak have gone to the woods for hunting and. In researching his story, he spent a year living, traveling, and working with Mexican immigrants.

His is not a policy book, he states, but a story: "It relates to policy only insofar as I hope through it to flesh out a missing perspective in the immigration debate: the perspective .

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2 Samuel Chapter 1 Summary. Hey there Bible student, we’re into the second Samuel book, glad you’re here. The second book of Samuel’s first chapter begins as a continuation from chapter 31 of the first book of Samuel, which had a pretty sad ending.

Written as a use case story, Five Dysfunctions guides the reader through navigating the essentials of teamwork, leadership, and communication. Want results, read this, get others to listen it, drink the kool-aid, and perform better.

Book Summary: Genesis is the story of the creation, of human disobedience and its tragic consequences, Book Summary: The book of Leviticus is a fascinating retelling of the desired religious life for ancient The continuation and preservation of God’s people.

The spiritual failures often experienced by God’s people.

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