Tug of war case study

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Tug of war case study

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Politicians, educators, and the general citizenry of the United States are concerned with how effective public schools are at educating our children; however, the current measurement of success is based heavily upon performance on high stakes assessments. Unfortunately, responding to NCLB demands are not the only things on the mind of school leaders.

On any given day, there are a number of pressures that principals must consider in order to effectively manage the administrative and instructional aspects of running a school. Guided by the following research questions, this study explores how forces that are both internal and external to the principal influence the ways school leaders conceptualize and respond to accountability.

Tug of war case study

This phenomenological collective case study collected data from 25 public middle school principals throughout New Jersey who lead schools that varied in socioeconomic and academic performance contexts.

A pre-interview survey and follow up interview provided the basis for the data collection.

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The transcribed interviews were coded and analyzed according to the conceptual framework and research questions that guided the inquiry. Accountability to self is the most prominent source of accountability among the middle school principals in this study despite the prevalence of external accountability forces.

When adding those who feel most accountable to teachers, it is apparent that most principals from higher achieving schools respond first to an internal accountability mechanism. Although public and political attention is often focused on test-based accountability, there are other sources of accountability that receive less attention, especially as it relates to school leadership.

This study adds to the research on the topic of educational accountability and leadership practices by exploring the concept from the perspective of a principal. As a result of the findings, the study also supports a better understanding of the perceptions of internal accountability among school leaders.Oct 22,  · Beyond Measure Ministries - Train Your Brain Bible Study October 22, Sis.

Teresa Goins Topic: "Tug of War Part 2". Tug of War Tug of War The reality of America's role in the cold war was far more complex and ambiguous than historical accounts suggest.


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Tug of war case study

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Tug-of-War Injuries: A Case Report and Review of the Literature